Telling the stories of entrepreneurs
from Washington DC and beyond.

Work. Wealth. Wisdom: Entrepreneurs must have one of these assets before creating their start-up idea, creating their work, or innovating in an established field.

DC Entrepreneur is a weekly radio show and podcast that showcases the founders and minds behind some of the most innovative and creative start-ups in the Washington DC region. You’ll hear the stories of entrepreneurs speaking from their experience so you can gain from their insights and learn something new, whether you’re curious about starting your own business, or are an established founder or investor.

Guests from around the area and beyond, share their unique journeys of how they became entrepreneurs, and the issues that face today’s founders.

The show is produced and hosted by George Mocharko, a local producer who enjoys covering the stories of early to mid-stage founders whose voices are often overlooked by larger business media. You'll enjoy hearing from these talented and inspired builders talk about their paths to success—and how they've bounced back from failure. Investors, business leaders, Venture Capitalists, and aspiring creators will learn what drives these intrepid professionals and why they've chosen a path different than others.

DC Entrepreneur is back with a third season, now on the airwaves at a different time: Catch the show on WERA 96.7 FM every week on Wednesdays at 9:30 am or stream the podcast version of the show during the following week. Make sure to "like" us on Facebook to see updates and news about the show. And since the show is largely funded by it’s creator, consider supporting our work through Patreon with even a small amount like $5.

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Sheena Franklin

Sheena Franklin

CEO and founder Well-Kept Beauty


Latest Episode: Sahaj Sharda

author of Extinction of the Price Tag, CEO and Founder Dynos